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What's new in the game?
October 31, 2013 Boo!
Alright. Trick or treating is done and ready to go on Halloween. Also have my ideas for event pretty solid. The event(s) will be mostly the same each time, just changed in difficulty/length depending on the number of people attending. The first one will begin at 3PM Server time(9AM CST), the second at 7PM Server time(1PM CST), the third, and the one I imagine will have the best turnout, will be at 11PM Server Time(5PM EST). Then 3AM Server Time, the 1st(9PM CST and still the 31st), I will make an event out of the decoration mobs in Fingle to clear them out.

The event rules will be Main characters only, and no bombs. All characters, no matter the level or weapon, will be welcome. To be fair and include everyone, I will make it so anyone can hit the minion mobs, and try to minimize the deaths of the newer/lower players to reduce the risk of them needing to constantly run back. Boss mobs will be still be dangerous for lower levels to attempt to take without help.

In addition to this, throughout the day while I am on I will be trying to do little things to make it more fun. Most notably, I will be "haunting" the game. This will come in one of 3 forms... personal hauntings consisting of a single mob haunting a specific character, guild hauntings where I will haunt a guild hall with a few mobs, and then town hauntings where I will haunt a random town. These can happen anytime, and aren't necessary for you to drop what you are doing to attend, for they won't be extremely difficult or have many special drops. Just for those that aren't busy/want to attend.

A personal haunting can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It will consist of a single apparition. They won't be very dangerous so pose no threat to you dying in a geo or another realm. They will just be a little tough to kill, and drop a few random special drops. A guild haunting will take place within a random guild hall, and consist of multiple apparitions. A town haunting will be the same but with 10 apparitions. Any haunting will be broadcasted serverwide. I will cycle through players/guilds to be fair, though the more you are on, the more likely you are to receive multiple hauntings.

Just a couple notes about the hauntings... All apparitions will have a few special drops... Guild Hauntings wont be able to drop any, so all players(Mains) that attend will get special drops once the apparitions have been defeated, and it would be extremely helpful if once a haunting has been broadcast if you could wait a moment for your apparition to arrive. If you are haunted inside a geo, realm, etc., and leave before ending the haunting, it will be removed and you will have to wait for the next one.

Happy Halloween Everyone! Witch is in, hauntings are happening, events are being set up!


August 30, 2013 Hello all,
There are a few things to give you an update about:
We have got a new Moderator: Dogma!
We believe that Dogma will do a great job as a Moderator!
Please give him a warm welcome!

I've updated the "Links" page, and added ((MVM))'s "A Brighter NR 1.24b"! This includes updated textures and static models, which really changes your gaming experience! This update will also be added in the upcoming official Blade Mistress 2.6 update!
And last but not least, as I have hinted above, we have got in touch with Punisher, and he is working on cleaning up the server files, and sending them over to us.
This means we can provide proper updates, like never before!

More news about this will come later.

Kindest Regards,

May 3, 2013 - Hello, As you might know, it's possible to retrieve your account from Punisher's server.
In order to do that, you must send him an email (punisher @, and provide as much information about the account/character.
Think of: levels, weapons, account name, character name, and possibly the password.

Please do tag me as a Cc in the email (thoth @, because lately I've been receiving a lot of accounts from Punisher, and I do not know who they belong to to inform the player their account is imported to this server and ready to play.

Kindest regards,

April 26, 2013 - Welcome to our new website!.


Blade Mistress is a Free to Play game. But donations are appreciated!
With your donations we will be able to get a dedicated computer just for hosting Blade Mistress, to guarantee minimal lag and downtime!
April 26, 2013 - Soon to be filled.
We will soon hold contests.
Stay in touch with your fellow players on our own forums!