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Quick overview of the various special effects that each expertise weapon grants you…

Katana expertise

These weapons are supposed to be naturally accurate in the game, as a result any katana based weapon automatically gets +20 to it's accuracy stat but have no other special abilities. This makes it a very powerful and useful weapon earlier on it the game, at least until you can make your own dusted weapon with at least that level of accuracy.

Chaos expertise

These weapons are supposed to be infused with raw chaos, they have the standard statistics, however their special ability is that they sometimes do two or three times the normal damage when they strike. For maximum damage you'd be hard pressed to find anything as powerful as a chaos weapon, however its flaw is that maximum damage is rare, double damage is more frequent but some of the time you will be left with just the base damage. Good for bursts of combat, less good for prolonged combat. See “Chaos vs. Mace” below, though.

Mace expertise

These weapons are top heavy and spiked, as a result they get +30 to their damage stat but they have no other special abilities. While they may lack the high-end damage of a chaos weapon the sure and steady base damage of a mace is a more reliable source of damage over the long term. With low quality ingots, the +30 to the damage stat easily outdamages a chaos of the same metal.

Chaos vs. Mace

In addition chaos blades double or triple the base damage, and the average increase in damage is 30% above base damage (based on analysis of 300 consecutive hits on posses). These values show that a 10/1/1 with lava totems (which give a 21 damage bonus) will average more damage with a chaos blade than either a viz mace, elat mace or chit mace. When considering chars with less than ten str this advantage increases, mith chaos will in certain situations average more than a mith mace.

Bladestaff expertise

These weapons are long poles with blades attached at each end, they have the standard statistics, however their special ability is that they occasionally hit every monster in the square damaging each of them! While the bladestaff lacks the power of the chaos or mace, and doesn't gain an accuracy boost like the katana it's still a wonderful weapon when you plan to be spending long periods of time in the middle of groups of monsters and you want them dead as quickly as possible! They are great for looting in dead realm and dragon realm where there are alot of monsters spawning and they are easy to get in to one square.

Claw expertise

These weapons are a series of claws attached to a panel which is mounted on the hand, they have the standard statistics, however their special ability is that they will occasionaly stun the target. Claws aren't that widely used, but because of their stun effect would probably make good support weapons when hunting in a group without a mage because you can reduce the targets ability to fight back while your teammates overpower it. Since silver dusts wer added to the game, the claw stun effect seems to have been broken, so people just use a few silver dusts on their chaos instead.

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