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 +You can request to be given a quest from any of the great trees (see Places In Normal Realm & Tree Quests), your reward for completing a quest is a favor unique to that tree.
 +**What do favors do?**\\
 +Combining favors with a totem allows you to create one of three special types of totems that can raise your characters basic stats (ie 10/1/1 etc). These items are called stat totems and are explained in some detail in on the [[Main/Stat Totem Info|stat totem]] page.
 +**What do paper favors do?**\\
 +(This was removed when P2P was stopped)
 +Not a lot, your best bet is just to sell them for cash at the merchant - as the ugly red text told you, they'​re "booby prizes"​ for those players who don't qualify for real favors.
 +Why? Because not so long ago players got greedy and used small armies of untrained characters to farm favors from quests so they could make massive [[stat_totem_info|stat totems]] really quickly.
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