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Geomancy allows you to create Earthkeys, one-shot items which unlock a single-use personalised dungeon for you and whoever else happens to be in the square when you trigger the item.

Each personalized dungeon is full of a certain group of creatures, with an extra-powerful creature guarding the exit the chest and its precious heart gem. There's also a random chance of finding a Vagabond living in your earthkey, if you can manage to kill yours you'll be rewarded with some of the items it's collected.

Earthkeys are created out of special beads, meats and optionally heart gems. Include them in youur workbench, use the geomancy skill - out pops a shiny “fresh from the oven” earthkey, ready for you to wander out of town, activate with a group of mates and then do battle with the forces of evil.

ps. if you're wondering what happened, Rika tidied it up a little so it's a little easier to read for new players rather than having my commentary on Yuri's notes etc. Also tidied up the credits as they were starting to ramble.

Experience to level

<current lvl> x <current lvl> x 30 = <next level>

XP per combine is currently equal to wv.

Bead Types

Beads are sold at any merchant and are used to control the base depth of the earthkey, generally speaking without any gems involved each bead adds X meters to the depth, where X is the total power of the beads used.

In other words 2 x glimmering beads (each has 5 power) would make the earthkey 10 meters deeper than normal. The depth formula is covered later on.

Bead Name Power Cost
Plain 1 1,000
Marbled 2 4,000
Shiny 3 9,000
Translucent 4 16,000
Glimmering 5 25,000

Heart Gem Types

Heart gems can only be found inside an earthkey, in the chest guarded the sentinel guards -thankfully it is possible to make an earthkey without using a heart gem though so you shouldn't worry about needing or using them at the start.

Heart gems multiply the “base” depth of the earthkey by their total power, so adding a single plain heart gem would double the depth added by your beads - the bigger the gem the better the multiplier it grants you. As with beads you can use multiple gems when making an earthkey. Going into deeper earthkeys allows you to collect more powerful heart gems than you can find nearer the surface, unfortunately gem power doesn't seem to change at the same time as earthkey size, so that's why we don't have one big table.

Depths with a question mark are approximate, depths without question marks have been tested and should be exact.

Gem Name Power Lowest Depth
Plain 1 22m
Marbled 2 45m
Shiny 3 60m
Translucent 4 95m
Glimmering 5 120m
Fiery 6 145m
Exceptional 7 170m?
Glorious 8 195m
Royal 9 225m?
Fantastic 10 250m?
Ultimate 11 350m?

Ultimate Heart Gems are the largest gems found in earthkeys, even going 1,000m or more below ground wont yield a larger gem.

Earthkey Depth

<depth> = ((<total bead power> + 1) x (<total heart power> + 1)) + 20

Work Value

Work vales seem to relate to your magic stat (<stat>), your skill in that magic (<skill>), guild mage specification (<spec lvl>) and whether you have the token related to that magic (<token>)

<work value> = <stat> x <skill> x Random(0.177→0.325) x (1 + <spec lvl> x 0.05) x (1 + <token> x 0.3)

Task Diffuculty

Task Difficulty

<difficulty> = <number beads> x <number beads> x (<total heart power> + 1) x 1.5

Monster levels

To determine the approximate level of the monsters in your geo, use the following formula;

G = (N - 1) x 0.05 x D

Where: G is the level of the monster in the Geo N is the natural level of the monster D is the depth of the Geo

Special note for spirit monsters: add 1 to final result. Not sure why this is, but it just is, so do it.

Please note: This formula becomes less and less reliable the deeper you go, you have been warned! The management recommends not basing any serious level calculations on this formula.

Dungeon Sizes & Vagabond positions

Dungeon size is affected by depth - the deeper down you go the larger the size of the earthkey. Since size and vagabond position are linked they're pretty obvious, depth is a little more tricky since you need to make a key to see what size it turns out, so we've added what we know and hope it helps you out.

Depths with a question mark are approximate, depths without question marks have been tested and should be exact.

Size Rough Depth Vagabond Positions
10 x 10 22m 3,3 or 8,8
10 x 15 45m 3,4 or 8,12
15 x 15 52m 4,4 or 12,12
15 x 20 120m 4,5 or 12,15
20 x 20 145m 5,5 or 15,15
20 x 25 250m 5,7 or 15,19
25 x 25 300m? 7,7 or 19,19
25 x 30 400m? 7,8 or 19,23
30 x 30 ? 8,8 or 23,23
30 x 35 ? 8,9 or 22,27
35 x 35 ? 9,9 or 27,27
35 x 40 ? 9,10 or 27,30
40 x 40 ? 10,10 or 30,30
40 x 45 ? 10,11 or 30,34
45 x 45 ? 11,11 or 34,34

If there's a vagabond in an earthkey (it is random remember) they'll be 1/4 (25%) away from the edge of the geo, either in the SW or NE corners. For example in a 10 x 10 … 25% of 10 = 2.5, so (0 + 2.5)= 2.5 rounds up to 3, and (10 - 2.5)= 7.5 rounds up to 8, so you'd expect to find the vagabond near either 3,3 or 8,8.

The same principle applies to non-square earthkeys except you need to work out it out twice, once for each dimension, which is how we filled out the chart above.

Meats & the monsters they make

Pretty close to a complete list

Dungeon Type Meats that make it
Ghost Ghost, Whight, Banshee, Spectre, Wurm, Zerad Wurm, Dusk Wurm, Dokk, Dokk Centurion, Spirit Minotaur, Spirit Dragon, Anubis, Lizard (Temp Measure) (see below)
Shade Shade, Haunt, Wraith, Wraith Mistress
Slithis Slithis, Tawny Minotaur, Armored Minotaur, Jade Minotaur, Demon Minotaur (Not Spirit Minotaur, see below)
Sabertooth Sabertooth, Ice Tiger, Jaguar
Werewolf Werewolf, Red Werewolf, Frost Werewolf, Malachite Werewolf (Not Spirit Werewolf, see below)
Golem Decaying Golem, Wooden Golem, Dirt Golem, Iron Golem, Stone Golem, Granite Golem (Not Spirit Golem, see below)
Spirit All spirit monsters make earthkeys containing only a single type of monster with the exception (listed below) of spirit minotaurs and spirit dragons
Spider Spider, Dark Spider, Hairy Spider, Hunting Spider, Venomous Spider, Demon Spider (Not Spidren as these are a different type of monster)
Spidren Hornet Spidren, Worker Spidren, Drone Spidren, Spidren, Queen Spidren (No lab bosses as these are just variations on the Spidren template)
Skeleton Skeleton (Not Bone Warriors etc. as these are a different type of monster)
Bone Warrior Bone Warrior, Bone Sergeant, Bone Leiutenant, Bone Lord, Bone Tyrant, Bone Imperator and Thieving Spirit
Dragon Green Dragon, Dragon Queen, Guardian Dragon, Dragon Illusion, Dragon Prelate, Dragon Chaplain, Dragon Acolyte, Dragon Archmage, Dragon Knight, Dragon Archon, Dragon Overlord (Not Spirit Dragon)
Zombie Zombie, Ghoul, Vampire, Ash Vampire, Pit Vampire
Plant Killer Plant and Serpent Plant
Orc Orc, Orc Bully, Orc Fanatic, Orc Champion, Orc Assassin
Bat Bat, Violent Bat, Stingtail Bat, Moon Bat, Silver Bat

Special meats (such as revenant, sentinel, vagabond, possessed, uber etc.) create keys as per their original form. For example meat from a spider sentinel will make a spider dungeon, ghost vagabond meat makes ghost dungeons, and golem revenant meat makes golem dungeons.

Spirit Minotaur and Spirit Dragons are in the Dokk/Dokk Cent family. They create ghost dungeons.

Feel free to add any meats not listed.

Vagabonds In Dungeons

The types of meat used to create an earthkey control not only the monsters inside, but the type of vagabond present (if any) - a certain type of meat will create a certain species of vagabond. It's worth noting that the level of the vagabond is often much lower or much higher than the regular monsters in the earthkey as their level is based on the type of creature they are, not the level of the regular monsters.

Dungeon Type Vagabond Type
Ghost Granite Golem
Shade Bone Imperator
Slithis Jaguar
Sabertooth Skeleton
Werewolf Dragon Illusion
Golem Demon Minotaur
Spider Spirit Vision
Spidren Pit Vampire
Skeleton Serpent Plant
Bone Warrior Banshee
Dragon Spider
Zombie Bat
Plant Werewolf
Orc Banshee
Bat Typhoon
Spirit Golem Banshee
Spirit Vision Golem
Spirit Tiger Spirit Skeleton
Spirit Creeper Spirit Werewolf
Spirit Skeleton Spirit Creeper
Spirit Werewolf Banshee
Spirit Spider Wraith
Lizard Man Ghost
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