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Dusts are a special item which can be added to weapons during the crafting process and change the properties of a weapon massively.

To make a dusted weapon add the dusts into the workbench along with the ingots as part of the crafting process. Be warned dusts increase the difficulty of the task very rapidly - large failures while crafting tend to destroy dusts very rapidly so use with care as you could just be throwing them away. (For more information see; Player Smith Guide)

The first opportunity to add dust to a sword is when you have the blade created, and unless you create a long sword or a great sword this will be your only opportunity to add dust. The second opportunity to add dust to a sword is when you convert it into a more advanced by expertising a blade.

What do the dusts do?

Glowing blue dust

Each blue dust increases your to-hit/accuracy by one point. The total number of blues on your sword determines the level of monster you are able to hit reliably, so the more blue you can squeeze onto a sword the better. Adds a blue glow to a sword.

Blue dust should be your first priority as without a suitable number of blues you won't be able to bigger monsters reliably and so you'll end up needing to make another sword much sooner.

Glowing red dust

Each red dust increases your chances of slowing an opponent (reduced attack rate) and also the duration of the slowing effect. Because of this red dust can interfere with the dodge skilling process. Adds a red glow to the sword.

Glowing white dust

Each white dust increases your chances of blinding an opponent (reduced attack accuracy) and also the duration of the blinding effect. Unlike red, white dust doesn't interfere with the dodge skilling process. Adds a white glow to a sword.

Glowing silver dust

Silver dust does lightning damage and stuns the monster. The more metal in your sword, the higher chance you will release a charge. If you have 96 or more ingots, you have a 2/3 chance of each hit doing some silver effects, with it dropping down as you have less and less ingots. It never drops to 0%. The more dusts, the more damage the lightning will do and the longer the stun will last.

As of mid-2004 Green & Black dusts are no longer being dropped and their effects have been disabled.

Glowing green dust

Each green dust restores 1 hit point whenever you hit your opponent, this allows you to absorb serious amount of damage and then heal almost instantly. Adds a green glow to the sword.

Glowing black dust

Each black dust increases your chances of poisoning an opponent (does damage over time). Black dust counts towards your total damage and often increases your “share” of a monsters drops. Adds a pink glow to a sword.

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