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Possessed monsters are supposed to be normal monsters (hunting spiders, tigers, green dragons, minotaurs, golems) that have been inhabited by a demon who has evil plans (presumably of world domination).

If they were once normal how can you tell the difference between regular and possessed?

Well possessed always have a red tint to their coloring and they can be a whole lot larger than the regular versions - the actual size depends on their level, but they vary from a little larger than normal through to so large you have trouble getting all of the monster on your screen at once.

It's really common the first time people see a posse to thing that it's a “massive monster”, however if you get close enough to read its name you'll find it has an owner…

One last word of warning… Players create posses at their own expense - they aren't there for everyone to share - so if it's not your posse then don't try to kill it!

How are they created? Possessed monsters (posse) are created by purchasing a demon amulet from a merchant and then dropping it in the square of a Guardian Dragon, a few seconds later your unique possessed monster will be created and you will be informed of its location.

If more than one person is involved in the calling/summoning process (ie they were standing in the guardian dragon's square) then you'll need to check the last line of the message to work out who was given the quest.

That person needs to check /quest list for the precise location of the dungeon and then go there to activate the possessed monster.

If you don't activate the possessed monster quest it will expire in 24 hours and you'll lose it, but once activated a possessed monster has a natural lifespan of about three to four days.

What's the point of posses?

They have three uses;

# Skilling - there are some points in the game where it's hard, slow or impossible to get a good naturally occuring monster to skill dodge from, so your only alternative is to use a posse that's the right level. 2. Dust - as posses get bigger the number of special drops they give also increases, these are seemingly random and are normally any combination of dusts, oak staffs or undead totems … it's not that uncommon for a large drop posse to give out no dusts. 3. Group activities - a big posse (or series of big posse) can amuse a group of players for quite a while, and generally big posse have more drops to share.

How do I make them bigger / higher level Bear has kept the actual formula for posse level a closely guarded secret, but a few things are known to affect level when the posse is called.

From Yuritau: Here is a very accurate formula, worked out mostly by Kryy, with help from some others.

Dodge experience x 0.0000025 = A Total magic levels / 80 = B Swordsmithing level x 0.003 = C Total Expertise levels x 0.02 = D Explosives level x 0.01 = E Number of dusts on your sword x 0.075 = F Damage value of the metal type - 3 = G (minimum value is 0)

* A x Physical stat = P * B x Magic stat = M * (C + D + E) x Creative stat = R * P + M + R + F + G = Estimated Possessed Level

Finally, according to Kryy's calculator, subtract 1 if your sword is NOT expertised. (I don't know about this, cause I can't test it at the moment, but evertything else works, so I trust it.)

The formula occasionally produces errors by a couple levels, but it's accurate often enough to warrant posting here. If you have the info to provide corrections to the formula, then please do; we'd all like to see this formula solved once and for all.

Great work Kryy!


* A note from Kryy: I modified this formula a bit thanks to some recent feedback I've recieved since releasing this formula, and I'll continue to do so as I solve more of it. It is incomplete, however it will give you a good ESTIMATION. For best result round all of your variables down. It's far better to enjoy an 8 or 9 pointer than to overshoot and land a no skiller. So far I can almost guarentee you if you don't round down. You will go over.

Drakes in Posse: Drakes are a factor in modifying posse, they add 1 level or less. You may or may not see a 1 level boost by owning a set of drakes.

Location in reference to the GD is a factor. If you have a second player involved in your posse where they stand will change things. How much or how little is still unknown. For best results don't stand a second player more than one square out.

Adding a 3rd player to a summoning. So far I've had nothing but terrible results with this. Avoid it if you can.

Drops: Simple enough, Possee's start with 1 special drop, and they gain 1 for every 10 levels rounding up on the 6. (Theory) Level 35 will give you 3 drops where a 36 will give you 4 drops, (46, 5 drops), (56, 6 drops), ect… This is fairly consistant for 4 droppers and up. As for below this I'm not sure why, but a 24 does drop 3 drops.

As an added note, adding more demon amulets will increase the number of drops without increasing the level of the posse. Each extra amulet will add an additional drop.

Regeneration: Why can't I damage my Possessed even though I've been fighting it for 20 minutes? Simple, the monster is regenerating faster than you are damaging it. Many players believe there are several factors to the amount of possessed regeneration. However I believe it's far more simple. (Possessed Level x 10) has yet to fail me. Eg. A level 36 possessed will regen about 360 hp per round of combat. If you can't do more than 360 damage consistantly you can't kill it.

Lastly if you'd like to /t me with more feedback, please do. However I've recieved an large amount of /t's saying “Your formula is wrong.” Of course it is. I don't think I can further capitalize the word ESTIMATION. This is an accurate formula, not a perfect formula. Very few players have come up with results more than 2-3 levels off the mark. If you're way off, double check your math. If you're still way off contact me. Chances are your feedback is valuable.

My actual calculator can be found @ However it's not as up to date as the formula listed above. I frequently update it for those of you who put it to use.


Enjoy, ~Kryy


Q. I just spotted a posse in a dungeon - do I need to tell anyone? A. No, if you can see it that mean's it's activated and so the owner knows it's still there, if you want to be nice send the owner a /tell but you shouldn't do much more.

Q. I just saw a posse in a dungeon can I kill it? A. No, if you didn't create it then it will probably kill you with the 1st or 2nd hit and unless you own it then you'll be stealing from the person that did. Posse poachers generally annoy everyone severely. How many people want to spend 50k on an amulet, only to have the posse stolen? Not many.

Q. If my posse is activated when the quest expires does it die? A. No, once activated the posse stays around for a few days although it wont show on your quest list.

Q. What happens to my posse when the server resets? A. At the moment if the posse has been activated you lose it, if it's still waiting to be activated it will be fine.

- Rika

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