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-First off, you'​re ​gonna need to make a character. You could put all your points into magic, or into creativity, but I personally prefer starting with 10/1/1 (all points removed from other stats and put into physical). This will make you an effective fighter right out of the gate, and allow you to kill and learn the game without dying alot. Later you can experiment with other stat combinations once you realize what you want from the game.+Greetings! You've clicked on the New Player Guide link. If you'​re ​on this section of the wiki you're either just passing throughobserving ​or a newbie in need of a few pointers on the game of Blademistress.
-You'll also need to name your character. People who make names in all CAPS or AlTeRnAtInG caps are generally scorned upon entry, so don't make that mistake. Make whatever name you like, but keep it clean. You can use almost any letters/​numbers in your name, so if you want, you can be "​c3po"​ or "Ca$h Maniac"​. Select a name that you like, and keep swear words out of it. Now you're ready to go.+Below are some tips on surviving ​your early days in Blademistress:​
-When you first enter the world, you have beginner sword, 4 tin ingots and 4 wood totems. You also have 100 goldBefore we deal with your inventory, familiarize yourself with the controls.+* Preferably ​you must begin with a fighter character. By this I mean a 10/1/1 character(all points on the physical stat). Having ​pure fighter is very beneficial to you in terms of your health points and the damage you do with weapons. Having 8/3/17/4/1 or 6/3/3 characters still classify your character as a fighter but do not benefit you as much as a 10/1/1 character will. 
 +You're in the Blademistress world and probably wondering what you've got yourself into...the first thing you must do as soon as you create a pure fighter character is to buy your skills from the trainer(green glowing guy). Here are the skills that you need as a fighter: 
 +       o Dodging. 
 +       o Sword Mastery(the other masteries you can buy later when you're more advanced)
-Use your arrow keys to move... up for forward, left to turn left, right to turn right. The world is based on grid systemso you'll move from square to square. You can also change your angle of view using your keyboard num pador by using your right mouse button ​and moving the mouseThis becomes incredibly important in fingle when trying to use the crowded town mage in fingle.+On side note, you can purchase the smithing skills and mage skills such as the swordsmithing skill and the magic skills(ie-frogwolf, moon etc) on your existing fighter character but are only considered good enough for gaining character levels, quests ​and so forthAs new fighter skills are coming up soon, you'd best leave the smithing skills and buy the nine magic skills(bear,​ wolf, eagle, snake, frog, sun, moon, turtle, evil) so you can skill some extra character levels.
-Play around with little movement ​and notice ​how your "​co-ordinates"​ change as you moveYour co-ordinates are located in the upper left hand corner ​of your screenEvery realm in blademistress is based on a co-ordinates system. You will also see what direction ​you are headed listed with your co-ordinatesMoving north and east will make your numbers go up in value, south and west lower themOnce you feel you understand movementit's time to move on .+* Now spend few minutes exploring the landscape around the starting town of Fingle ​and fight some easy monsters near the town to get a feel for the game. You probably ​notice ​that you can't hit some tougher monstersThis is precisely because your beginners blade only has a to-hit of 1Return to Fingle.... 
 +* You might notice that you have loot and meat in your inventory(Press 1 on your keyboard for your inventory). You can sell loot for cash with the merchant(blue guy...reputed to be woman though...) and you have some extra gold! 
 +You're probably by this time wondering how you can get a better weapon than the puny little beginners blade that you possess at this timeAt this time you should have over 100 gold providing you haven'​t spent too much beforehand. Use this money to buy 96 tin ingots(the cost 1g each) and ask around for a smith character, preferably a smith with a good reputation(smiths have a stat of 1/1/10) to make you a tin tachi so you can hit anything ​up to level 21 and a bit over with ease. 
 +* Now, before ​you go any furtheryou need to learn the various [[player_commands_keywords|commands]] in the game: 
-You have four round icons in tool bar located in the upper right hand corner of your game screen. They reflect your inventory ​(1 or Insert), Equipment (2 or Home), Work Bench (3 or Page Up), and Skills List (4 or Page Down).+/s: Shouts over long distance(10 squares)
-You can click them once to open the menu, and click them again to close them, or use hotkeys. Right now you have the items listed above, and no skills or equipped items, other than your beginner sword. Clicking various items will allow you to move them between the various inventory areas. Play around with it a while and when you "get it", move on.+/e: emote; works to express actions of your character(usually for entertainment purposes in game) egRaharanor is drinking beer
-Now let's train some skills. Walk over to the Green robed person ​in town, and click on him. While holding down your mouse button, select "​Learn"​. This will bring up a standard interaction screen for all blademistress vendors. You now have the option to "​purchase"​ skillsWhat you'll want to train, to start, is "​Dodging"​. You can click on the up down arrows to the left of the menu to scroll the menu down to the point where you see dodging. Now just click and hold on it and "​Get"​ it. Congratulations,​ you've now trained dodge. It's the only skill you will need to fight with a sword. The other skills are for crafters and magicians. Remember where they are for future character development.+/a: Sending message ​to everyone ​in the game/t <player name> <​message>:​ Sending private message ​to a specific player that ONLY they can read and no one else.
-Now you're almost ready to kill some stuff, but first we should visit the other vendors ​to understand what's immediately available to us. Go over to one of the blue robed "​Merchant"​ persons and see what he has for saleYou'll notice the various items are color coded base on type of itemRed items are weaponsand purple items are totems. Those are your two primary concerns ​at this time. You'll eventually want to buy a better sword, and some better totems. For now let's leave the vendor and go kill something.+/r: This allows ​you to send a reply to the last person who sent you a private message...beware when using this thoughyou could accidentally ​at times send a message to someone who you didn't intend ​to send it to;).
-Combat ​in this game is very walk into a square with a monster, and you will automatically start swinging. If you try a slithis or some other monsters near town, you should be in good shape. If you hit your "page down" button, you'll notice your dodge skill is going up with each swing. As long as what you're fighting is bigger than you, but not more than 10 levels bigger, your dodge will go up. Once the creature dies, its loot will automatically go into your inventory. You can watch this happen by hitting i or insert.+/friend add <friend name>: This allows you to add friends to your Friends List in game.
-The formula for gaining a dodge level is<current level> x <current level> x 100 = experience needed for next dodge level.+/timeAllows you to see the time in game and the server time.
-Next thing you need to understand is how to talk. Hit enter, type your message, and hit enter again. This will "​say"​ your message to anyone within 1 square of you. You can speak to all persons ​in game by putting /a in front of your message[*]. For further chat commands see the related wiki listing of chat commands.+/who: Allows ​you to see everyone in the realm you are in.
-[*]To use /a chat (or general chat), ​you must have it turned on by clicking on the word "​general"​ so it is bright green above the chat window (located ​in the lower left part of the screen).+/whoallSimilar to /who but allows ​you to view the names of the players ​in the entire game.
-Finally, I'm going to talk about totems. For combat, there are 6 essential totem typesaccuracy, health, quickness, strength, toughness and life-steal. Their names explain their basic function. You get no armor, rings, or other "​protection"​ items in this game, it's all handled with totems.+/where <​playername>​Allows you to see the location of a certain player.
-What you will need to doafter you have sold your loot, is buy 6 of the best totems you can affordand ask a mage to imbue them for you. There is usually a charge for this so be sure to have a little extra money to pay the mage for his services. To trade with another player all you need to do is click-hold on them and select "​trade"​. This is similar to interaction with merchants just with different options.+/about <player name>: This displays a players namehis/her total amount ​of playing timestatus etc.
-So that'​s ​the basicsLearn them and master ​them and then you're ready to discover how you want to play BlademistressAnd that'when you hit the wiki and the forum to learn about what most interests ​you.+Experiment a bit with these commands so you can become familiar with them... 
 +* Continue playing for a few hours more and sell the loot you gain from killing monsters for cashThen purchase the best totems you can buy and get someone to imbue a set of totems for you'll need them...but you can also train your mage character up a little later with 1/10/1 stats to train up to level 2 in all magics with leather totems ​and then pine staves, birch staves and to spruce staves (i.e. you can get your magic stats up high enough and your cash reserves high enough on your fighter to buy staves for skilling magics and buying best totems you can afford) 
 +* As a beginner, ​you'll need to begin skilling the skill '​Dodging'​ on the Spider Army NW of Fingle. The Hunting Spiders will give you experience points until you reach dodge level 5; but keep skilling until you reach dodge level 9 or 10. You can find the Spider Army at 220 140. Then you can move onto Bone Warrior armies in Realm of the Dead until you reach dodge level 17 and then move onto spirit creatures in spirit realm (though do not take on spirit dragons until you reach dodge level 31). When you reach dodge level 28 you can go to the Dragon Realm and skill on the Orc Champions until you reach dodge level 36After this you can skill further on dragon prelates and Dragon Chaplain until you reach dodge level 46, skill to dodge level 56 on dragon acolytes and Dragon Archmage, and then finally to dodge level 66 on dragon knights with the Dragon Overlord. 
 +* Note that after dodge level 56 you may wish to use geomancy skiller dungeons to skill further towards dodge level 66 to avoid the hits of the dragon knights until you are of a higher level. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from skilling in geomancy skillers in earlier levels after dlvl 30 as they are a decent source of dodge experience and loot to sell for cash as well as the chance of coming across a vagabond that drops random numbers of dusts, undead totems and oak staves depending on your dodge level. Skilling on natural mobs after dodge level 66 is a pain to say the least, and skilling in geomancy dungeons is highly recommended despite the old method of skilling on possessed monsters present before geomancy was introduced in January 2004.  
 +* What is dodging skill? 
 +This wonderful little skill aids you against monsters. The higher your dodge level, the better you'll perform in game against higher levelled monsters. 
 +* What is a mage/​fighter/​creative character?​ 
 +Fighter: 10/1/1(all points on physical stat when creating character). Creative: 1/1/10(all points on creative stat when creating character). Magical: 1/10/1(all points on magical stat when creating character). 
 +* What are the different ages in Blademistress?​ 
 +Players become Young Adults at Character Level 10, Adults at Character Level 30, Mature at Character Level 70, Elder at Character 150, Councillor at Character Level 310. 
 +* How do I move about? 
 +You move around by using the arrow keys on your keyboard or using the WASD keys. 
 +* Can I have a better weapon? 
 +Yes, you can buy the best ingots you can afford ​and get a creative(smith) character to create a tachi for you. You can create better weapons as the need arises when your levels go up. 
 +* What are dusts? 
 +Glowing Blue Dust: Increases accuracy of your weapon. Glowing White Dust: Blinds monsters(great for skilling). Glowing Red Dust: Slows monsters. Glowing Silver Dust: Shocks monsters. 
 +* What are the other realms? 
 +[[places_in_spirit_realm|Spirit Realm]](best for beginners). [[places_in_realm_of_the_dead|Realm of the Dead]]. [[places_in_dragon_realm|Realm of the Dragons]]. [[places_in_the_labyrinth|Upper Labyrinth]]. [[places_in_the_deeper_labyrinth|Deeper Labyrinth]]. 
 +* What are [[totem_information|totems]]?​  
 +These items are used to help you survive in BlademistressThe essential [[totem_information|totems]] are: 
 +-Accuracy totem. 
 +-Strength totem. 
 +-Toughness totem. 
 +-Lifesteal totem. 
 +-Health totem. 
 +-Quickness totem. 
 +This is the end of the Updated New Player Guide. Feel free to consult the other useful guides that the wiki has to offer and enjoy playing Blademistress! 
 +Original Author: Richo X aka Raharanor
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