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@ Guest - 07 Dec 2017, 00:15
is the client on bmreturns for the new server?
@ Guest - 07 Dec 2017, 04:54
@ Guest - 07 Dec 2017, 10:37
i would love to play this game again. first mmo i played. hows the community nowsadays
@ Guest - 07 Dec 2017, 12:02
You can play on this server, most users are here now: https://discord.gg/X3yUvh
@ Guest - 07 Dec 2017, 12:05
client download is in help section on discord...
@ Guest - 12 Dec 2017, 19:08
@ Fingolfin - 13 Dec 2017, 22:16
Yes, 2 servers at the same time. That *always* worked out so well... Never any issues with that. No offense to Eah or whoever but I can imagine this would feel like a kick in the guts (of a knife in the back) for thoth... After he apparently just paying again for the server?
@ Guest - 14 Dec 2017, 03:24
i heard that thoth at the time was unable to be contacted many times.a freind helped by sending their own software of the game .just in case.now 2 servers least you have a choice if not play on both
@ Guest - 14 Dec 2017, 03:27
i thought my freind would have been made a mod but is happy for the choices of servers
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@ Eah - 16 Dec 2017, 21:43
Thoth was and is keeping himself in silence, i lost my guild again
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