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@ Eah - 12 Oct 2017, 14:32
@ Guest - 13 Oct 2017, 03:49
Is there only one server?
@ Guest - 15 Oct 2017, 06:06
as far as i know - yes
@ Cyber - 16 Oct 2017, 04:04
yes there is only one server
@ mystique59 - 17 Oct 2017, 06:21
eah can pm me plz
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@ Eah - 17 Oct 2017, 15:38
I did already, if it doesnt work try darkness1@gmx.at
@ mystique59 - 17 Oct 2017, 17:49
sent email to you eah
@ PlatinumAngel - 20 Oct 2017, 11:54
So it's been over a month since I first tried to contact Toth about my account retrieval. And I've tried since then as well. I hope I'm not being a chat spammer in a chat that gets a new message once every day and a half talking about the only relevant topic related to this game right now which is whether or not the server is up. Still love the game just won't play without my shit. And I've been waiting a month to get my shit. A month.
@ Guest - 20 Oct 2017, 13:36
well the server is down anyways. do you have your old user files from punisher?
@ Cyber - 21 Oct 2017, 06:30
ive tried to contact thoth about blessing me witht he server because i would love to continue the legacy of this great game but sadly he has not replied to my email
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