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Tower Request

Postby G.M.C. » Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:41 pm

I promise to look after the Tower, have the stone work cleaned every year and interior decoration done on a regular basis. I must warn that there will be defensive mechanisms on the outside, against intruders and anyone attempting to break in, will be caught and hanged on a pole, right in front of Trickster and for him to play with, as he may wish.

Oh yes, coordinates; can we keep them secret? I know I know, it will annoy one or two but...

... Thank you.

I can be found in game most days and a MOD or Admin is welcome to pay me a visit, as long as it isn't to call me ignorant, stupid or limited; I just wonder what else I will be called but the future will tell.

P.S. - In order to avoid posting a lot, I take the opportunity to here, ask anyone that goes making complaints against me to any MOD (beware of apprentice MODs) or the Admin, to please ALWAYS remember to also tell them why I was rude or nasty to the complainer. I know I am crazy, but I am not mad and I don't go around insulting people or giving them a basket full, without a damn good reason so, please just make sure you tell them about the reason you gave me, which made me give you a basket. And should anyone not want a basket, then learn to not get personal. one or two, may in fact have a reason to reply to me in kind, but that is not about anything in game. The players, well, I help people but then get told that I was too harsh on them, because I told them several times to go read the Wiki. Poor babies, I must not insist that they go read, as in comes the Knight telling me that I don't help and that I am limited; it seems the "Knight", enjoys being used by players who can stop being lazy and go read the Wiki and this same Knight, lacked only telling me to make available to a certain player, my backside. Sorry, no can do.
In order to avoid any further abuse launche upon me and my "baskets" being thrown at top speed and content, do NOT ask or expect any help from me; if it comes, fine and just damn respect that help, whichever kind it may be in, large or small it is still help.

I do not intend to have to come here to reply, let me be and I shall do the same to you all.

I am ready for my Tower, if I am to be given one.

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