Upgraded files to use with the version 1.2 (A Brigh

Changed the look of the UI? Wanna share?

Upgraded files to use with the version 1.2 (A Brigh

Postby MVM » Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:58 pm

Hi All!

New!! 17 Upgraded files to use with the version 1.2 (A Brighter NR) Size 1.9 Mb

Whats New:

I have upgraded the roads to half of the size so instead of a huge Auto-Bahn (High-Way) you can now walk
on a smoth country road. Not that its just the half of the original size its also suits the landscape better and the surrounded villages etc...
Added tiny roads (pathways) within the villages (this is a test and villages that have those pathways so far is Fingle, Vargras and Binu ) More will be added later.
New retextured guild tower.
Tweaked ground textures to be more smoth as grass, flower etc...
Added a new radar map
Also, the old "mouseart.png" is back again.

Important: Please copy your dat folder before add anything in.

So please download those files as i want to know if there is something more i need to work on or add etc...

For download use this link viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1437

Screens on the (Pathways) within Fingle


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