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Re: Donor Totem Sets

Postby Fingolfin » Sat Sep 07, 2013 10:02 pm

Let's look at this from another side. I'm actually not against this idea (no, really, I'm not!). However I'm one who would never pay money for stuff in a game like this (or most games anyway). Basically the general idea is that this should be paying for totems who are permanent. In other words: we all hate imbuing totems and are too lazy to do that too much. Understandable and this should be a good solution for people who's willing to pay for that: permanent totems, why not?

But here's the catch: don't make them stronger than any of the existing totems. Stars or lavas I guess now is best? If you make them better than those that would mean you have to pay to get better in this game and I don't think we want that in BM now. Don't we? I have no problem imbuing totems over and over again (ok, I hate it...) but it wouldn't bother me is ppl didn't need to because they paid for it. Fine even! But it would piss me off when ppl are hitting higher, do better because they have better totems because they are willing to pay money to some internet game. Seems unfair to me.

But the general idea? Good actually!
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Re: Donor Totem Sets

Postby Andraste » Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:28 am

Random thought here... perhaps something like 20 dollars for Star power, 10 for lava power, 5 for chit or dragon power or something? So could purchase Star powered for your Main Acct, and then Whatever other power for alt accounts. Just a thought. Or if you didn't want to spend 20, could get permanent lavas... just an idea that I feel solves the power and alt acct issues.
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Re: Donor Totem Sets

Postby Alaster » Sun Sep 08, 2013 4:39 am

I think something like $1.00 per totem would suffice. That's $8.00 per account, and most people would buy for at least a few accounts. I think initially, they should be equal to that of Star Totem (if Star is staying in the game). If a new totem power comes out, allow us to upgrade our existing donor totems for the new set at $1.00 per. This means people that didn't have the original donor set would need to pay $2.00 per totem.

For me, they're not worth more than $8.00 per account. Maybe others are willing to spend more. I feel if you make the price low enough, you'll sell more and thus make more money. If you make the price too high, fewer people will buy them and thus make less money overall.
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