New Realm: Realm of Frost

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New Realm: Realm of Frost

Postby Perseus » Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:01 am

Soo, I have desided we want Mammoths,
First off we take the Latin Name of elephants: Loxodonta.
Then we make the following monsters

Loxodonta Pup (lv 125)
Hairy Loxodonta (lv 175)
Wooly Loxodonta (lv 190)
Loxodonta Gaurdian (lv 225)
Loxodonta Tribeleader (lv 250)

Loxodonta Denmother (lv 300)
Loxodonta Elder (lv 350)
Cyclotis the Impaler (lv 415)

Cyclotis is also a latin name for a specific kind of elephant.

It'll be a high end realm with higher ingots, maybe Tungsten or Diamond or some, and very high health and damage bosses.
And maybe we can make them drop a Tiara or something, some graphical improvement to the hair.
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