Possible Instance Ideas.

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Possible Instance Ideas.

Postby Dogma » Sun Sep 08, 2013 4:33 am

Was playing around with a couple Ideas... the first one was for an Instance NPC or witch... thought you could go to this NPC, and much like the tree quest, It transports you into a dungeon. But unlike the tree quest, this one be more like a geo, that is based off your level. It would have good loot, but not as good as a skiller/looter, but at the end would be a boss similar to a vaga/posse, that is tough yet soloable, and has drops based off your level, but not as many as posses/vagas. Would still be some guaranteed dusts. Then I came up with the idea for It being a traveling instanced dungeon... But don't want it to interfere with Token/token hunting... So came up with the Idea of say 20-30 set mushroom circles(entrances to the fairy realm used to trap mortal in folklore) and a portal randomly spawn within 1 of the mushroom circles. If possible, could even create/reskin mobs into fairies to feel it. But then it could be a personalized instance, with slightly better drops than a skiller/looter, and a boss guarding the end with special drops. Since it would be based on the character, It would scale with all characters, both newer ones and vets. And would be worth seeking out as it would be basically a looter with a guaranteed Vaga guarding the end. Just a couple rough ideas here, but was wanting to see what others thought of it, or what they think would make this idea better. Thanks!
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