Character Level, Totems, and YOU!

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Character Level, Totems, and YOU!

Postby Lopsided » Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:48 pm

I'll begin this essay by stating that, in the current aspect of the game, character level contributes very little other than increased HP. Players are more motivated to make six or seven alts than they are to level one character past counselor (310). I have a few ideas that could help push this game in a new, more balanced, direction since we now have access to the code. Most importantly, we have to change all of the current additive modifiers (totems especially) into multiplicative modifiers so that they can continue to scale and grow along with us. Try to hang in there and read until the end.

Character Age
This one is plain and simple. We already have a working age system in place but we can no longer advance as we should be able to. New ages should be created at clvls 630, 1270, and 2550 (it IS possible). This will give players extra motivation to continue playing their characters in a post-310 world and continue to push for that next milestone.

Damage and Lifesteal
The difference in a new character swinging a dual-sharded chrome chaos sword and a clvl 1000 character swinging the same sword is fairly negligible considering the amount of time invested in the latter character. Sword power (and more recently drakes) are largely all that matters when tackling larger and larger foes. I propose that characters be given a Strength statistic that acts as a multiplier for all outgoing physical damage. Simply enough, 1 clvl = 1 strength. The new damage formula would work something like: roundup(WeaponDamage * (1 + (Str/100)) * PhysStat/10). Totems could multiply this stat by the power of the totem itself (i.e. Lava Totem = 21 Power = 21% more strength). A Vizorium Chaos Sword (assuming fully aged as GS) has a damage value of 96. A clvl 1 10/1/1 would do 97 damage (96 * (1+(1/100)) * 10/10) = (96 * 1.01 * 1) = 96.96 = 97. A clvl 1000 10/1/1 with a Star Strength Totem would do 1320 damage (96 * (1+(1000*1.25/100) * 11/10) = 96 * 12.5 * 1.1 = 1320.

But what of life-steal? Currently, a life-steal totem provides you with extra damage on each swing capped both by character level and by total damage done on the swing. I propose that this system be simplified and that, instead of directly increasing damage, a life-steal totem works off of your current damage and merely returns a percent of your damage dealt as life. A good baseline could be 20% + TotemPower. Ex. A Lava Life-Steal Totem would return 41% damage dealt as life.

I realize that this will cause a large increase in damage at the high end and a less noticeable decrease at the low end. This is desperately needed in the scope of our current game. There needs to be some sort of driving force making you want to continue playing your character instead of just making a senselessly large army of alt characters just to bring down a posse. Should a clvl 1000 character do ten times as much damage as a fresh born character? Yes. Also, a clvl 1000 character shouldn't have to EVER worry about missing a creature like Dokk regardless of equipment, which brings me to my next point:

Accuracy and Avoidance

Blue dust is a driving force in this game which acts as a hard-cap for the size of enemies you are capable of fighting. While I am not in direct opposition to this mechanic, I feel that character level could again come into play here with a new stat called Accuracy. 1 clvl = 1 accuracy. Blues on a weapon would then ADD to this value. Totems would multiply this value further, again based upon the power of the totem itself. The formula would work as such: (Clvl + WeaponBlue) * TotePower. A clvl 1000 with a 1000 blue Malignant War Mace and a Star Accuracy Totem in the current system has around 1023 accuracy. In my proposed system, the same character would have accuracy of 2460.

I would more fully round out this idea by stating that the current system of accuracy is INCREDIBLY harsh. Either you can hit a monster or you can't. Even a swing of 5 blue dust at 1000+ total can make the difference between landing every blow and landing one in ten, far too harsh a penalty for falling <1% short of a mark.

I also think we've gotten off on the wrong foot of assuming we have to land every blow against an opponent. Without armor, we thrive on dodge. Why shouldn't our foes enjoy the same courtesy? I propose a third new statistic called Quickness. This statistic would be based directly off your dodging level (1 dlvl = 1 quickness) and totems would (again) multiply this value by their power as a percentage. Ex. a 200 dlvl character with a Lava Quickness Totem has a quickness value of 242 (200 * 1.21).

Equally matched opponents should not land nor dodge every blow. I propose the number 80%. Keeping in mind some monsters (especially spirit creatures) are harder to hit than normal, we will assume for example our particular target, a spirit golem, has a 100% modifier to quickness. We are in a skiller at dlvl 190 making the mobs an even dlvl 200. Our golem, with his modifier, has a quickness of 400. You are using a 250 blue/white tin bladestaff to draw out combat for easier dodge leveling. We will assume for example you have not trained any other skills except dodge, making your clvl 114. Together with your weapon, this gives you an accuracy of 364. Luckily, you are wielding a Lava Accuracy Totem, placing your accuracy at 441. Your accuracy is 441 and your opponent's quickness is 400. You will land a percentage of hits based on the ratio of your accuracy to his quickness. In this case, 80 * 441 / 400 = 88.2% chance to hit. If your accuracy is high enough (25%) over your target's quickness, you will always land your blow.

Assume now we are fighting a super-posse a team of characters has created. The characters were a bit over-zealous and made it gigantic, with a quickness value of 5000. You're clvl 1000 and assumed you were big enough to help with your 2500 blue dual-sharded Chrome Chaos Sword. You arrive at the posse which under the old system you would systematically miss 100% of the time until you were given a free ride back to town. Under the proposed system, Your clvl and blue count combine to give you 3500 accuracy which is multiplied by your Star Totem to give you a new total of 4305 accuracy. Your accuracy is below the quickness of the monster but you can still land a percentage of hits. 80 * 4305 / 5000 = 68.88% chance to hit. Much higher than the ~0% chance of the current system.

Toughness and Healing

More of the same here. Currently for a high-level player, the difference in wearing these totems and leaving them off is negligible because of their additive and static nature. Healing totems should be changed to regenerate a percentage of a player's total life per tick based on the power of the totem. Toughness totems I would suggest making a percentage damage reduction instead of static. Lava Toughness would reduce damage taken by 21%, etc. I would also suggest that a fourth and final new statistic called Toughness be added to characters. 1clvl = 1 toughness. 100 toughness would = 1% damage reduction, stacking with the totem benefit. Ex. a clvl 1000 player with a Star Toughness Totem would have 33% damage reduction (23 + (1000/100)) = (23 + 10) = 33%.

Spirit Protection Totems seem wildly unnecessary at this junction of the game except for nostalgic value. It would make sense to sentence this totem to obsolescence and adjust the damage of spirit creatures accordingly. It just seems like it could easily be combined with the Toughness totem to simplify mechanics a bit.

On the topic of totem-obsolescence, Web Protection totems are the laughing stock of the BM world and while it's easy to just not make them, the web effect should either be broadened in scope to increase the usefulness or checked instead by the quickness/toughness statistic. Combined with the proposed change to spirit protection, this could chop us from 8 totems to 6, easing the (understandably easy) nature of gathering them. Keep in mind, while easy for high end players such as 99% of the player base, getting totems as a legitimately new player is not nearly as easy. If we want to keep this game moving along, fresh blood is critical to ensuring survival.


This is more a conversation on the effects that green, black, and gold dusts could/would have on the environment. The proposed changes in accuracy would lessen the burden of blue dusts on a weapon, adding headroom that could be applied instead to greens and blacks, were they to be re-activated. I strongly believe their re-activation would be a boon to this game rather than a hindrance. They were disabled in a time long ago before the power of players had increased dramatically to the current state. We look back on the damage/hp we had then and have a deep, hearty laugh. No more can 80 green dusts refill our full health pool and no longer can a single black dust wreak havoc. Gold dust could act as a combination red/white/green allowing you to place all those effects on a sword with the benefit of only adding the TD of one dust instead of 3. If the poison effect of black cannot be controlled, it could simply be changed into a flat damage per dust without the stun of silver. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.


Players are more and more capable of creating monsters with massive levels whether in 1000+ depth geos or in multi-character posses. These changes will help ensure that BM continues to be, as it has been, a game that is almost without limit level-wise and constantly provides new challenges for the players to meet and overcome.

Thanks for reading this wall of text. I've done my best to compartmentalize and describe it as best I can. Please feel free to post and comments/criticisms/discussion on any aspect. I thoroughly enjoy this game and always did, I just would like to see a more balanced high end game and see these modifiers multiply as they should to ensure they continue to be viable from the start until the very end. See you in game.
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