New Mob: Changelings - No new model needed. :D

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New Mob: Changelings - No new model needed. :D

Postby Doompuppet » Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:54 pm

I recently heard from Dekker about the procedurally generated "vampires" in Dwarf Fortress, and it gave me a somewhat similar idea.

It mixes a bit of that, a bit of John Carpenter's "The Thing", and a bit of humor... Here we go....

Changelings - The mysterious bane of those who let their guard down!

-- Here are the mechanics.

1.) The game randomly decides to create a Changeling.

2.) The game picks a random place to spawn the Changeling when it's ready. (Probably within areas players usually travel.)

3.) The game chooses a Player Avatar and random color scheme for the Changeling. It would look EXACTLY like a male or female player model!

4.) The game picks a NAME for the Changeling. It would not be listed as "A Changeling", but rather by a randomly generated name.

For this, the game takes two lists of words and combines them to make a name.

For example:

List 1: Ara,Bor,Nerg,Yal,Wind,Fire,Ax (and more)
List 2: nar,gul,oon,mora,blade,blood (and more)

So the game would randomly create something from those lists, like "Axblood" or "Arablade".

The game checks this against player list to make sure it's not copying an existing player name. If the names match, it picks two others.

5.) The game spanws the Changeling.

6.) The Changeling moves toward and attacks any players that come within range of it. It can kill players without changing its name or shape.

7.) If the Changeling is successfully attacked, it then is renamed "A Changeling" and its model changes to random low-level monster!

For example, it looks like a player... you notice it's attacking people, so you hit it. Suddenly in a barrage of particle effects, it turns into a Giant Spider model or a Skeleton model, etc.

8.) From now on, the Changeling only changes shape if it successfully kills someone.

9.) Changelings wouldn't be difficult to kill, their main goal is to surprise you.

-- Here's how it plays out in game.

You're walking around in a forest, hunting your preferred mobs. Suddenly, some random player named "Fishthor" walks up to you.

What does Fishthor want? You try to talk to him, but he attacks you!! What?!? There's no PvP here!!

You swing back at Fishthor and wound him. POOF! He transforms into a Killer Plant, with the name "A Changeling" above his head. :O WHAT?!?!

Your friend Sir Fallsdead comes over to help you, but the Changeling lucks out. Your friend was weakened, and the Changeling kills him!!

As your friend lies dying, the Changeling goes - POOF! - And now it looks like a Zombie!! Gaahh!

You batter the Changeling soundly until it dies... you're confused as Hell, but victorious.

The drops? Why, they match whatever Mob it last looked like! :D
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Re: New Mob: Changelings - No new model needed. :D

Postby Dekker3D » Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:03 pm

Amusing, but I can imagine it'd annoy the hell out of some players. Annoying is bad. But.. this -is- kind of amusing, perhaps it's a good one for specific areas or realms, later on.
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