Some Random Thoughts...

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Some Random Thoughts...

Postby Doompuppet » Fri May 27, 2011 2:43 am

It's been a long while since I've been able to play (28.8k dial-up connection) so please forgive if any of this is already planned/enacted...

1.) Make all realms player-inhabitable.

This would mean each realm would have an area that players could conduct business, set up an HQ, etc.

For example, your group could reside in the realm of the dead.

Not saying to make realms player-friendly... just that there could be patches where players could set up camp.

2.) Open up "controlling monsters" to players.

Hold, on, though... this would essentially be a ramped-down version of what I used to experience (again, forgive me if this changed) where a member of the Dev team would "possess" a giant monster for events.

I think it would be interesting if a player could have some sort of ability to possess a monster they are about to kill - which would then take the place of their avatar.

You'd be able to move around and fight in this body, but the minute you died, left the realm, etc. you would revert to normal.

What's that any good for? Well, fun... plus you'd get a boosted version of the stats of the creature when you're fighting other monsters.

3.) Flight.

This seems like something someone MUST have suggested before. I'd like to see a flight ability.

It could let you meet new flying monsters in mid-air, allow you to reach otherwise unreachable special areas, and even possibly allow you to attack creatures on the ground from above.

The hitch is that when you are successfully attacked, there's a chance you'll drop like a rock. That way if you're attacking something on the ground, it would have hard time hitting you, but when it does... thud.

4.) Undead and Spirit mode for players.

There should be a method by which players can become undead or spirit versions of themselves, ala the spirit minotaur, golem, etc.

Becoming a spirit could be as easy as dying or enacting a spell... after which you'd have to return to a temple or chant something to return to life.

As a spirit, you'd be unable to attack or be attacked, which could be fun and beneficial in terms of checking out areas.

As undead, you'd only be able to carry out physical tasks (melee combat, etc.) in a reduced capacity - but would get buffs against damage.

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Re: Some Random Thoughts...

Postby Dekker3D » Sat May 28, 2011 11:41 am

"Controlling monsters" isn't really going to happen as such because it'd be way too easy to abuse, but Zelena has written down some interesting mechanics for a "dungeon mastery" skill to replace the old, randomly-chosen "dungeon mistress" thing. In this one, you'd be able to pick and place monsters. I still think his ideas are a little rigid and would make it a bit predictable after a while.. but he does give valid points for keeping it as rigid as he suggests, so.. well, you might see it happen one day.

Personal flight is something not even the admins might get, though they will be getting some way to get up in the air. We really haven't decided whether players will get the same, as that'd affect the mapping process greatly. Either way, it looks like that won't be happening early.

Spirit mode might be something interesting to play with. Undead mode would imply losing one's body though.. personally, I think we should reserve that for events or other cool and silly things.
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