Forum rollback due to corrupt database.

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Forum rollback due to corrupt database.

Postby Thoth » Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:53 pm

Hello everyone,

I am sad to say there has been a rollback to about mid December due to a corrupt database.
I have managed to fix the issue by restoring a backup.. unfortunately I had no other option.

While I'm at it, this forum still uses PHPBB 3.0.11, which is outdated.
The next few days I will be going to give it a try to move the forums to PHPBB 3.1.7.
One of the things that has stopped me from upgrading the forum software before, was the fact that the shoutbox extention was not supported in the newer versions of PHPBB3.
Today I found out they have updated that software as well and I will do my best to integrate it into phpBB3.1.7, and have the database imported properly.

Until that day, we will be using the good ol' phpBB3.0.11 software.

Kindest regards,
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