The Future?

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The Future?

Postby Tronor » Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:31 am

So I've just come back to BM after a hiatus, and am back to the grindstone.

I've met a couple of players in game, and the feeling of community is still there, even with a dwindled playerbase, but I was just wondering what the future is with BM now?

Obviously there aren't as many updates as there used to be, and the lack of players is a huge setback, but there are still a few of us playing, and loving good ol' BM.

I suppose I just would like to hear from anyone who still plays, the Admins about what's going on behind the scenes (if anything is) and just to put the feelers back out really.

I love this game, I love the community it brings, I want to start getting people talking again :)
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