Lifesteal Totems

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Lifesteal Totems

Postby StuddedMuffin » Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:11 am

How do they work? Do you get more health back the more damage you do or is it just totem power?
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Re: Lifesteal Totems

Postby Erica » Wed May 20, 2015 1:50 pm

There are three factors involved in lifesteal, though I don't know the math on them exactly.
  1. First is lifesteal totem power, modified by impurity.
  2. Second is weapon power.
  3. Last is your characters maximum health.

Because health is a factor, you may have noticed damage increases at aging up or after gaining clvls. For most people this will stop when you reach the hundreds of levels. However, there is one major exception; chaos swords x2, x3 attacks work by multiplying the base attack power of the weapon. This means that a chaos sword x2 and x3 strike has the power to lifesteal a lot of health, but you need a very high level to actually steal that much. This is why you may notice that while you no longer gain damage on normal strikes, your x2 or x3 attacks still go up in damage. Maces also benefit from this, as the effect modifies the base attack power of the weapon. The great thing about this is that it's much easier to reach the health to maximize the benefit from a mace than a chaos sword. As such, most players will recover more health using a mace than a chaos sword, especially at moderately high levels (though not extremely high levels). It's possible that attack power could be a factor as well, but I kind of doubt it. More likely it is an indirect factor because it affects your health, particularly at lower levels where the health difference is more noticeable. If anyone is really interested in learning the math, I could take a little time to work it out.
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