Bunch of Noob Questions

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Bunch of Noob Questions

Postby Vestrin » Mon Nov 09, 2015 3:52 am

Sorry to bother you guys with these questions but it has been a long time since I have played this game and I am having trouble remembering some stuff. Besides the fact that when I did play I never really got that far to begin with.

1. Does anyone know the relative spawn timers of Dokk and his Centurions? As the totems I have access to don't turn me into the tank that I'd like to be, I end up having to kill Dokk for the lifesteal. And it get's quite boring waiting what feels like ages for Dokk to respawn. I did a quick check on the wiki and couldn't seem to find the timers if they are there.

2. What is the most efficient way to level smithing? What I have been doing is just putting a bunch of different ingots in the workbench to get as high as a TD I can get and basically spamming the Swordsmithing button. For the sword I am trying to make (Basic Viz great sword with 30 Blue dust) the Task Difficulty is going to be 3384 (according to the pocket wiki). So clearly I need to level my smithing.

3. Can you buy pumpkin totems? For some reason I remember being able to buy them though it was only in one town. This was towards the end of Punisher's server however.

4. As far as magic goes, should I bother leveling it up until the super late game when I need to make stat totems? Currently I can make the totems I need so I don't know if it is worth spending the resources I have on leveling it.

5. And finally is Elatium worth it or no? If I remember correctly it wasn't worth using as it was too expensive to get. However, with the server being as under populated as it is, is it worth it to get it so I can achieve the next tier of farming?
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Re: Bunch of Noob Questions

Postby Eah » Tue Nov 10, 2015 6:08 pm

Hi Vestrin and welcome to the game,

1. Dokk Centurions: 24min - Dokk: 34min
Ask people in game for totems or a better blade.

2. For smithing, simply follow the wiki (dokuwiki/doku.php/smithing_for_beginners).
Get your Swordsmith to lvl 400+ and try to make the blade you described.
Due to TD/WV It is best to put most dust on the blade when expertising.

3. Pumpkin Totems are event drops only.

4. Bring your magic lvls up so you can imbue lava or star sets safely. When it comes to stat totems you will likely lvl up your desired magic anyways.

5. Elat is worth it as long as you cant find anyone to help you with getting chit.
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