Account Retrieval simplified!

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Account Retrieval simplified!

Postby Thoth » Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:29 pm

Hello Everyone!!

It's time to reveal the news I teased earlier!

We have received all the userfiles from Punisher's server!
This is making the retrieval a lot faster and simpler as you no longer have to request your userfile to him, but directly to me!

Just email me with the subject "Account Retrieval", provide me all the needed information, and I'll do my best to import the requested account as soon as possible!

Kindest regards,
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Re: Account Retrieval

Postby Theorysmage » Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:19 am

Account- Dragonsfire67550
Password- 1a1c1e9g
char- RLH Smith

Contents on char and Bank

cotton rope- 1300+
nitrate bricks- 1300+
azides- 1300+

Few dusts Blue 151- black 3- red 2- green 1- silver 1-white 2

mal 76- Chitin 321- Elatium 75- Viz 127- Mith 3524- Addy 7475- zinc 20461- carbon 21016- steel 21492- aluminum 18650- tin 16742

Mal chaos {22000} hits-ANCIENT- Blind 400- Shock 50- with a Yellow metal shard (dual)

Zerard wurm CARD- Anubis CARD x 10- Trick or Treat BAG x57

MONEY on char 7,491,367 BANK 0.00

Swordsmith 7,761- Dismantle 1587- Chaos 502- Katana 17- Mace 48-BladeStaff 51-Claw 10- DODGE 81

Fighter on account Lone Eagle

John J. Tanner
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Re: Account Retrieval simplified!

Postby PlatinumAngel » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:58 pm

Hey Thoth, I'm just throwing a bump here to see if you recieved my account retrieval request via pm. Hope to login and play again soon!

Thanks for your time,
Jason (aka Platinum Angel)
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