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Blade Mistress lets you create up to eight characters for each account the player maintains. Each can be customized with an array of faces, and your outfit can be almost any color, along with several optins for shirt and pants.


The creation process also lets the player distribute points among the stats of the character in these three basic statistics: Physical, Magic, and Creative.

Physical stat governs your abilities in all things relating to combat. Most notably, it affects your total hitpoints; higher physical stat means higher hitpoints. It also affects the amount of damage you do. Again, higher Phys means higher damage.

Magical stat governs, you guessed it, your magical abilities. Higher magical stat will give you higher Work Values in all magical skills (all 9 magic skills, Geomancy, Totem Shatter), and will also make any staffs you use more effective. Fire staffs do more damage, blind staffs have a stronger and longer lasting effect, etc. Also determines which drakes you are able to hatch, if any.

Creative stat is good for two things: making and breaking big swords and making big bombs. Every Fighter wants the big swords, but only the Smiths can make the big swords. So while Smiths typically are pretty useless on the battlefield.. just remember, you would be too without thier help!

Hit points / HP

<max hp> = (20 + (<physical stat> x 6) + <char lvl>) x <char age stage>

This means characters start with between 26 (1 physical) and 80 (10 physical) hit points - by gaining Character Level and making use of Character Age players can gain significant raises in their health over time.

Basic classes

Although the game is set up to allow for fully customizable statistics for your characters, naturally people have found a few that they like the best, and these have become the defacto "classes" of the game.

P/M/CClass TitleDescription
10/1/1FighterYour basic, standard-issue meat shield and damage dealer extraordinaire. see Player Fighting Guide
1/10/1MageSorta like a tribal shaman. Provides all the mystical elements you need to survive. see Player Magic Guide
1/1/10SmithThat sword you're using.. the one you've come to know and love.. one of these made it. see Player Smith Guide
4/4/4GeneralistThese are usually new players learning the game.. or old players who want to do everything half-assed
6/5/1War-mageCan also be 5/6/1. Used by those whole like to fight, but also want drakes and the ability to craft their own totems
?/?/?There's also a host of other stats you can choose, based on what you want to accomplish, but they aren't as common as these 'classes'. Commonly referred to as Hybrids
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