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Co-ordinatesDungeon NameNear?
246N 36ECrack of Brael HothGentanos22 sq
6N 46ECrack of Brael HothVolcano32 sq
174N 75ECrack of Brael ShanMagarnas26 sq
242N 222ECrack of Brael ToorMangel19 sq
72N 120ECrack of Chiang JhorNaral16 sq
176N 54ECrack of Chiang ShanMagarnas15 sq
118N 112ECrack of Maal JhorBora Mist32 sq
188N 70ECrack of Tal JhorMagarnas14 sq
244N 78ECrack of Tarath PolaAldebar18 sq
130N 136ECrypt of Brael ShanMostool15 sq
246N 246ECrypt of Daar DelMangel11 sq
224N 132ECrypt of Maal DelFingle28 sq
186N 188ECrypt of Maal IlBinu16 sq
112N 136ECrypt of Maal JhorBora Mist9 sq
92N 118ECrypt of Rudon HothBora Mist26 sq
216N 92ECrypt of Rudon QuelAldebar14 sq
220N 34ECrypt of Tal DelRac19 sq
114N 182ECrypt of Tal WidJinn30 sq
48N 159ECrypt of Tien IlSintil17 sq
142N 118EDungeon of Brael ShanMostool33 sq
146N 56EDungeon of Brael ToorMirial33 sq
78N 132EDungeon of Chiang BeonNaral27 sq
238N 42EDungeon of Daar QuelGentanos29 sq
82N 10EDungeon of Maal GollFloan23 sq
90N 54EDungeon of Rudon DelFloan22 sq
118N 158EDungeon of Tal ShanMostool20 sq
214N 14EDungeon of Tal ShanRac6 sq
23N 86EDungeon of Tarath PolaNaral45 sq
126N 196EDungeon of Tarath QuelJinn26 sq
74N 164EDungeon of Tien ShanZandall8 sq
172N 40ELabrinth of Chiang GollMagarnas25 sq
192N 220ELabrinth of Chiang PolaJereston6 sq
210N 54ELabrinth of Daar DelMagarnas19 sq
238N 188ELabrinth of Daar HothVargras10 sq
224N 206ELabrinth of Daar WidVargras24 sq
124N 50ELabrinth of Maal GollMirial22 sq
96N 224ELabrinth of Rudon JhorJinn16 sq
126N 160ELabrinth of Rudon PolaMostool14 sq
26N 140ELabrinth of Rudon ShanSintil13 sq
170N 16ELabrinth of Rudon WidRac40 sq
238N 8ELabrinth of Tarath DelGentanos8 sq
146N 8ELabrinth of Tien QuelMirial27 sq
134N 30ELabrinth of Tien ToorMirial6 sq
146N 144EPit of Brael BeonMostool12 sq
88N 144EPit of Daar QuelBora Mist17 sq
102N 6EPit of Tal JhorFloan34 sq
168N 116ELabarinth of Lethal RebelFelloan7 sq
148N 90EPit of Tal WidFelloan29 sq
84N 208EPit of Tarath GollBucansa19 sq
168N 74EPit of Tarath HothMagarnas29 sq
16N 12EPit of Tarath ToorVolcano31 sq
44N 136EPit of Tien JhorSintil12 sq
90N 28EPit of Tien WidFloan9 sq
162N 35ETomb of Brael JhorMirial35 sq
100N 76ETomb of Daar GollVan Togo24 sq
226N 172ETomb of Daar IlVargras11 sq
58N 166ETomb of Maal GollZandall8 sq
136N 178ETomb of Tal QuelMostool28 sq
16N 142ETomb of Tal WidSintil21 sq
62N 140ETomb of Tarath QuelNaral25 sq
200N 170ETomb of Tarath WidFingle17 sq
136N 54ETomb of Tien HothMirial27 sq
40N 46EWarrens of Brael BeonVolcano11 sq
252N 24EWarrens of Chiang ToorGentanos13 sq
252N 126EWarrens of Daar HothAldebar50 sq
232N 230EWarrens of Daar JhorMangel16 sq
106N 14EWarrens of Daar QuelMirial26 sq
6N 110EWarrens of Daar QuelSintil48 sq
116N 118EWarrens of Maal ShanBora Mist26 sq
68N 186EWarrens of Maal WidBucansa11 sq
120N 20EWarrens of Tal PolaMirial11 sq
32N 68EWarrens of Tarath JhorVolcano32 sq
77N 241EWarrens of Tarath QuelQuixonta20 sq
190N 134EWarrens of Tien IlFingle30 sq
250N 234EWarrens of Tarath ShanMangel9 sq
109N 152EWarrens of Tien PolaBora Mist12 sq
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