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This is a list of the levels of the monsters as they occur naturally - if you try to check their skills by using a geo (even a shallow one) their levels will be different from the levels listed here. Also remember to check the list of exceptions at the bottom of the page, just-in-case you happen to be trying to use of them in a geo or at a mod event.

Note: Monster level reflects your/their dodge, not Character Level

Where are they? We've added a simple key to help you figure out which realms monsters are found in (see below) - where there are no locations listed that monster doesn't occur naturally in the game and will only be available as a Mod summon or in Geos.

NR = Normal Realm SR = Spirit Realm ROTD = Realm of the Dead DR = Dragon Realm L = Labrinth DL = Deep Labrinth

Although most of the monsters listed here can be found anywhere in the realm, those with Special in their notes can only be found at one or two locations which will be on the various realm maps.

Monster NameLevelWhereNotes
Common Minotaur2NR 
Ghost2NR, ROTDRare, Mainly found in dungeons
Thieving Spirit2ROTDSteals your items
Dark Spider3NR 
Decaying Golem3NR 
Tawny Minotaur3NR 
Wooden Golem3NR 
Dirt Golem4NR 
Ice Tiger4NR 
Iron Golem4NR 
Jade Golem4-Removed from the game
Armored Minotaur5NR 
Ice Golem5-Removed from the game
Jade Minotaur5NR 
Copper Golem6-Removed from the game
Hairy Spider6NR 
Hunting Spider6NR 
Igneous Golem7-Removed from the game
Killer Plant7NR 
Stone Golem7NR 
Demon Minotaur8NR 
Granite Golem8NR 
Lava Golem8-Removed from the game
Red Werewolf9NR 
Spirit Minotaur9SR 
Frost Minotaur10NR 
Venomous Spider10NR 
Demon Spider11NR 
Malachite Werewolf11NR 
Stone Werewolf11-Rare, Mainly found in dungeons
Hornet Spidren13NR,L 
Orc bully13DR 
Spirit Golem13SR 
Green Dragon16NR 
Serpent Plant16NR 
Zombie16NR, DL 
Bone Warrior17ROTD, NRAppears in Normal Realm as a realm teleport
Spirit Vision17SR, NRAppears in Normal Realm as a realm teleport
Dragon Queen19NR, DR 
Spirit Tiger19SR 
Orc Warrior21DR 
Spirit Creeper21SR 
Spirit Skeleton23SR 
Guardian Dragon24NR, DR 
Spirit Werewolf25SR 
Worker Spidren26L 
Spirit Spider27SR 
Orc Fanatic29DR, L 
Spirit Dragon31SR 
Bone Sgt32ROTD, L 
Dokk's Centurion34SRSpecial, Drops 1 Vizorium Ingot
Orc Champion38DRDrops 2 Cotton Ropes, 2 Nitrate Bricks, 2 Azide Bricks
Dokk39SRSpecial, drops 3 Vizorium Ingots, Grants Armbands
Dragon Illusion41DRSummoned when Archmage reaches half health
Drone Spidren41L 
Wraith Mistress43ROTD 
Dragon Prelate46DR 
Bone Lt47ROTD, L 
Orc Assassin49DR 
Bone Lord51ROTDSpecial, drops 1 dust or undead totem
Dragon Chaplain51DRSpecial, drops 2 red dust
Dragon Acolyte56DR 
Zerad Wurm56DR 
Bone Tyrant61ROTDSpecial, drops 1 dust or undead totem
Dragon Archmage61DRSpecial, drops 3 oak staffs
Dusk Wurm61DRSpecial, drop 1 white dust
Queen Spidren61L, DL 
Violent Bat61DL 
Spidren61-Spidren tempplate/base model
Dragon Knight66DR 
Ghoul66NR, DL 
Bone Imperator71ROTDSpecial, drops 1 dust or undead totem
Anubis81ROTDSpecial, drops 2 red dust, 2 white dust, 2 blue dust, Grants Belt
Dragon Archon81-Dragon emplate/base model
Pewny Lizard Man81DLMay drop a Silver dust (random)
Dragon Overlord91DRSpecial, drops 3 spotted eggs, Grants Necklace
Stingtail Bat91DL 
Larath91LSpecial, drops 1 Chitin Ingot
Moultz101LSpecial, drops 3 Chitin Ingots
Small Lizard Man101DLMay drop a Silver dust (random)
Reorth111LSpecial, drops 6 Chitin Ingots
Vampire116NR, DL 
Moon Bat121DL 
Silver Bat151DL 
Lizard Man151DLMay drop a Silver dust (random)
Baphomet151DLSpecial, drops 1 Malignant Ingot
Ash Vampire166NR, DL 
Dagon201DLSpecial, drops 3 Malignant Ingots
Lizard Warrior201DLMay drop a Silver Dust
Pit Vampire216NR, DL 
Mantus251-Only artificially spawned
Sammael301-Only artificially spawned
Lizard Sentinel301DLMay drop a Silver dust (random )
Thoth351-Only artificially spawned
Typhon401-Only artificially spawned
Lizard King351-Only artificially spawned
Trickster MinotaurVariesNR 


Most of the monsters that exist in the game will be the same level whether they are naturally occuring or created through artificial means (ie summoned by a Mod or Admin, or in an earthkey), however there are some monsters which don't follow this rule, and have a different level when created artificially.

Monster NameLevel
Dragon Overlord141
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