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Guide to the Perfect Pet

A Mage can be very powerful with the right pet that is taken well care of and fed properly. First off you need an egg which can be obtained through a drop off a dragon or purchased from fellow players, place an egg on your work bench and cast (combine) the corresponding magic on the egg, using the proper magic will make your pet stronger from birth, your pet will appear and you can name her at that time, each character can have two drakes at one time. Dragon Pets are as follow and the magic stat you need to hatch them and best magic to use. Also see related topics (Character Creation, Stat Information and Stat Totem Info)

Magic Stat Required To Hatch
Hatch WithColorsPlainStripedSpottedHoodedSpecial Abilities
WolfRed4567High Attack Damage
FrogGreen5678Heals You
BearBlue6789Slows the Monster
MoonWhite78910Blinds The Monster
SnakeBlack*891010Poisons the Monster
SunGold9101010Slows, Blinds & Heals
 * Black drakes require rotted meat, while all other drakes will get sick from rotted meat
 ** Rainbow drakes randomly cycle through all drake effects. (IE: one breath is gold, next is black, next red, et cetera)
 *** Strange and Hooded are one in the same

Dragon Food

Every 4 hours (plus variance if you log out during this time) your drake will advance a stage. There are 4 stages in a drakes life. Stage 1 is newly hatched and at the End of Stage 4 they will pass away (see next section for more information on drake deaths). 10 Minutes before the end of a Stage your drakes will start warning you with the following messages:

    * Ralph the Wonderdrake is making strange noises.
    * Ralph the Wonderdrake is acting strangely. 

This is the time to attempt to feed your drake the appropiate egg food or color change food from the lists below. If your previous feedings have been timed well, they will accept it before they change. You may have to wait and try every minute or so if the timing has been a little out of whack, as it were. When they eat the meat, they will not enjoy it, they will just state they have eaten the meat. This is normal. When they change into the next stage a few minutes later, along with a big yellow cloud, they will state eitheir:

    * Ralph the Wonderdrake has layed an egg!
    * Ralph the Wonderdrake has changed color! 

Drake Death:

Drakes live for around 16 hours of play time before dying of old age. The only other way to get rid of them is to starve them, which will lead to them dying in 1-4 hours. Should you be in a graveyard when the drake starves, you will obtain a free dragon orchid, which can be used to access the Dragon Realm. Dragon orchids can also be obtained at a merchant for 10K.

Also, Pure Mages (Characters with the stats 1/10/1 or 2/11/2) can imbue a totem and shatter it to set their drakes free! No orchids can be obtained from this. For more information, see the Totem Shatter guide.

Plain Drakes
RedStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodWerewolfPlantSp. Minotaur
Lay EggBone WarriorOrcZombie
GreenStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodSlithisSpiderDragon
Lay EggGhostWerewolfTiger
BlueStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodSp. VisionShadeDragon
Lay EggSpiderWurmSp. Creeper
WhiteStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodGolemSkeletonSp. Golem
Lay EggPlantSp. MinotaurWerewolf
GoldStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodTigerGhostWerewolf
Lay EggDragonShadeSp. Vision
BlackStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodBone WarriorSp. TigerZombie
Lay EggSpiderDragonSlithis
RainbowStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodSp. CreeperSpiderWurm
Lay EggGolemSp. GolemPlant
Striped Drakes
RedStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodWerewolfDragonGolem
Lay EggShadeSlithisSkeleton
GreenStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodSkeletonSpiderGolem
Lay EggTigerSlithisShade
BlueStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodSlithisPlantTiger
Lay EggDragonSp. TigerWerewolf
WhiteStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodPlantWerewolfSpider
Lay EggShadeGolemSp. Tiger
GoldStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodGhostDragonShade
Lay EggDragonTigerSlithis
BlackStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodSkeletonShadeSlithis
Lay EggSpiderGolemSkeleton
RainbowStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodWerewolfDragonSp. Tiger
Lay EggDragonSpiderPlant
Spotted Drakes
RedStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodSp. CreeperTigerSp. Skeleton
ChangeSp. TigerSp. SkeletonSp. Creeper
Lay EggBatWurmSpider
GreenStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodGolemSp. TigerOrc
ChangeSp. MinotaurSp. CreeperSp. Tiger
Lay EggShadeSp. VisionSp. Werewolf
BlueStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodLizardSp. CreeperSp. Golem
ChangeSp. SpiderSp. SkeletonSp. Tiger
Lay EggTigerSp. TigerSp. Creeper
WhiteStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodWurmBatSpider
ChangeSp. VisionSP. CreeperSp. Golem
Lay EggSp. TigerOrcGolem
GoldStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodSkeletonBone WarriorSp. Vision
ChangeSp. DragonSp. CreeperSp. Tiger
Lay EggLizardSp. VisionBat
BlackStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodBatSp. VisionLizard
ChangeSp. TigerSp. WerewolfSp. Spider
Lay EggSp. CreeperLizardSp. Golem
RainbowStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodSp. VisionShadeSp. Werewolf
Lay EggBone WarriorSkeletonSp. Vision
Hooded Drakes
RedStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodWerewolfSp. MinotourDragon
ChangeSp. MinotourSp. DragonShade
Lay EggDragonWolfSp. Tiger
GreenStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodSpiderSp. MinotourSp. Tiger
ChangeBone WarriorAnubisThieving Spirit
Lay EggSp. MinotourSp. TigerGolem
BlueStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodPlantSp. SkeletonSp. Minotour
Lay EggDragonOrcBone Warrior
WhiteStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodSp. VisionSp. TigerSp. Skeleton
Lay EggSp. SkeletonSp. VisionSp. Tiger
GoldStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodSp. GolemSp. MinotourDragon
Lay EggDragonPlantSp. Minotour
BlackStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodSp. MinotourSp. SkeletonTiger
Lay EggSp. TigerSp. MinotourWolf
RainbowStage 1Stage2Stage3
Power FoodBatVampireOrc
Lay EggVampireBatLizard
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