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Dragon realm, a mountainous landscape scatterred with dragon icons and riddled with orcs, dragons, wurms...

Te get to the Dragon Realm, drop a Dragon Orchid in a graveyard.

Within DR there is an outer area (where you start, mostly orcs and wurms) and an inner area (bosses, dragons, wurms, less orcs) - in order to enter the inner area use the mountain pass listed below.

11N 3EDragon Archmage
10N 23EDragon Chaplain
55N 4EDragon Overlord
22N 59EDusk Worm
61N 28EDusk Worm
19N 42EMountain Pass to Central Area
6N 52EOrc Hill+Orc Champion
57N 43EOrc Hill+Orc Champion
45N 40EOrcs+Orc Champion
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