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The labyrinth - the only place where you can obtain chitin ingots (as boss drops and ultra rare mob drop) as well as chitin totems and plain rainbow eggs.

You enter the labyrinth via portals scattered across the normal realm, they will have a similar appearance to the exits from dungeons; a green swirling vortex that will teleport you into the lab.

Pick/find a portal, step into it and you'll be ready to enter the lab.

For those who can't work it out the co-ords in brackets after the location are the co-ords for that lab portal in NR - not the location of the recall point/town. They are also listed in Places In Normal Realm with a little more information.

60N 39EBoss - Larath
36N 16EBoss - Moultz
8N 40EBoss - Reorth
5N 13EPortal drop - Aldebar (230N 73N)
32N 18EPortal drop - Bora Mist (106N 133E)
60N 13EPortal drop - Felloan (170N 115E)
63N 63EPortal drop - Mangel (251N 237E)
9N 60EPortal drop - Omion (19N 224E)
33N 42EPortal drop - Volcano/Waste recall (34N 41E)
36N 36EEntrance to Deep Labyrinth
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