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Bomb Making

Brick Information

Brick typeBrick power

Charcoal can be found at any merchant in any town. Sulpher, Fulminate, and Selarium can only be found in dungeons. Azide and Nitrate can be found from killing Orc Champions in the Dragon Realm.

Fuse Information and Brick Formulas: Twisted Papers and Cotton Ropes both give 3 second delays. You can move 1 square away from your bomb per each of them. The farther you are away from your bomb, the less damage you take.

The formula for damage is power / (spaces away from your bombx2).

The formula for task difficulty with twisted papers is bricks x (twisted papers+1).

The formula for task difficulty with cotton ropes is bricks + (0.4 x bricks x cotton ropes).

Level up is the same as dodging (lvl*lvl*100). Also, it seems to me that exp gained from making bombs is equal to two thirds the TD of the bomb. XP is gained from successes ONLY.

Edit from Garfield: It seems that stability is (WV/TD)*50, though I still have to run some more tests, that's what it is so far.

Remember: the kind of brick does not affect the difficulty.

Stunning and Meats in Explosives: To stun a monster and make it temporarily stop attacking, the power of your bomb has to be higher than the monster's level multiplied by itself. (power > mlvl x mlvl)

Adding a meat to your bomb makes it a different color. This is good for festive parties. Ghost meat makes your bomb turn red Dragon meat makes your bomb turn a bright green. Spirit Monster meat makes your bomb turn bright blue. Minotaur meat makes the bomb bright green. If you put more than one meat in a bomb, a mixture of the colors will be the result.

This part of the page will be updated with further experimentation.

Tips for Leveling:

Start out with 5 bricks at level 1, then add 2 twisted papers every level you advance until your bombs have 6 papers. After you can make 5 brick bombs with 6 papers, switch to bombs with 10 bricks and 3 papers, then add only 1 paper per level advanced. After you reach 11 papers, switch to 20 brick bombs with 4 papers. Charcoal is the best brick for leveling, because it is easiest to get. Stop adding more papers when you advance a level temporarily if you feel you are failing to make a bomb too often.

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