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Totems are created in a similar way to Staff Info except totems use far simpler combinations - to imbue a totem you need to include one into your workbench and then combine a specific set of magics to create a certain type of totem.

You can buy the standard totems at any of the Town Locations, the actual totem types on offer will vary.

An imbued totem is described as type of material and magic (e.g. Diamond Health Totem) followed by two figures inside a set of brackets, those figures are; Number of imperfections - zero is perfect, lower negative numbers happen when the combination was not perfect or the totem has not been completely imbued. Time left before the totem disintegrates, this is currently in realtime hours and counts down irregardless of whether the totem is equipped or not, and irregardless whether you are online or not.

How do I make them?

So what are the combinations of magic needed to make a totem? Well there's a current list below - the numbers listed underneath the combination are the hotkeys for that type of magic so you can quickly imbue a perfect totem from the keyboard (full list of magic shortcuts can be found here: Player Commands Keywords).

Totem Combinations
Totem EffectComponents
Accuracyeagle, eagle, sun
Healthwolf, frog, frog, turtle
Quicknesseagle, snake, moon
Strengthbear, bear, turtle
Spirit Protwolf, snake, frog, moon, moon
Toughnessbear, sun, sun
Web Protbear, wolf, wolf, eagle, frog, turtle, turtle
Life Stealwolf, snake, snake, frog, moon, evil, evil

What do they do?

Accuracy increase your accuracy/to-hit so that you can score hits on monsters a little bigger than you normally would, better totems give a larger increase.

Health increases your natural regeneration abilties so that you take less time to recover from damage, better totems heal you faster.

Quickness increase your dodge so that you take a few less hits than you normally would, better totems give a larger increase.

Strength increases your natural strength, allowing you to hit for more damage per attack.

Spirit Prot reduces the damage you take from spirit monsters, better totems provide better spirit damage reduction.

Toughness reduces the damage you take from any attack, better totems provide better damage reduction.

Web Prot decreases the chances of being ensnared by a spidren, and if you are ensnared it length of time you stay trapped in the ensare effect of the spidren.

Life Steal increases regeneration against the monster you are attacking, only works while accurately hitting an opponent.

Stat Totem adjusts the corresponding stat (physical, magical, or creative) to a level equal to the amount of favors, squared. (see Stat Totem Info)

What types of totem can I use?

If you need it these are the basic statistics for the various totems available to you. The meaning of the columns are as follows; power is value this totem adds to your characters abilities, duration is how long this type of totem will last once imbued, max skill is the level at which this type of totem stops giving out magic XP, no. imbues is the number of imbues the totem can accept before being destroyed - the other columns should be pretty obvious.

TypePowerDurationMax SkillNo. ImbuesCostWhere to findStat Length
Wood035m4111gFingle, Floan 
Clay12h51215gFingle, Floan 
Leather25h61357gFingle, Floan1h
Stone39h714127gBinu, Jereston, Felloan, Van Togo, Bora Mist, Jinn, Quixonta, Vargas 
Iron414h815225gBinu, Jereston, Felloan, Van Togo, Bora Mist, Jinn, Quixonta, Vargas 
Shale521h916351gBinu, Jereston, Felloan, Van Togo, Bora Mist, Jinn, Quixonta, Vargas 
Bone629h1017505gBree, Rac, Miral, Bucansa, Sintil, Mangel 
Quartz738h1118687gBree, Rac, Miral, Bucansa, Sintil, Mangel 
Silver848h1219897gBree, Rac, Miral, Bucansa, Sintil, Mangel 
Amber959h13201,135gMostool, Ominon 
Golden1072h14211,401gMostool, Ominon 
Jade1186h15221,695gMostool, Ominon 
Platinum12101h16232,017gMagarnas, Gentanos, Naral, Hoomarch 
Crystal13117h17243,967gMagarnas, Gentanos, Naral, Hoomarch 
Ruby14134h18255,945gMagarnas, Gentanos, Naral, Hoomarch 
Emerald15153h19267,951gAldebar, Zandall 
Diamond16173h20279,985gAldebar, Zandall 
Pumpkin17?h2128?g''Special Drop;Halloween Event 
Undead18216h222914,137g''Special Drop;Possessed monsters,Realm of the Dead 
Dragon19239h??3016,255g''Special Drop;Dragon Realm 
Chitin20264h??3118,401g''Special Drop;Labyrinth 
Lava21290h??3220,575g''Special Drop; Wasteland80h
Star23345h??3425,007gSpecial Reward; Fingle Witch95h
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