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Mages who perform a totem shatter, will infuse a totem with so much magic that it will shatter, which releases all the magic therein at once. This magic surge will cause interesting things to happen to items in your workbench......

Your WV is based off of your current skill and the complexity is based off of the totem quality and the number of imbues on that totem.

What you get from the shatter depends on the number and type of imbues on the totem (2 bear is not equal to 2 turtle). If you fail to hit the needed WV you will always lose the totem, but you will never lose any of the items you were trying to change.

The formulas are:

 2 frog, 2 bear,   X evil turns upto X Green Dust into X White Dust
 2 frog, 2 turtle, X evil turns upto X Black Dust into X Red Dust
 5 bear, 5 turtle, X evil turns upto X Green Dust into X Blue Dust
 7 bear, 7 turtle, X evil turns X Black Dust into X Blue Dust
 6 wolf, 6 snake, 6 turtle changes the color of your shard
 bear, wolf, moon sets your drakes free!

X is any number, so if you have lets say 5 evil imbues, you get 5 dusts, 2 evil imbues, 2 dusts etc. If you have more evil imbues than dust then the extra imbues are wasted, if you have more dust than evil imbues any excess dust will still be in your workbench once the shatter is completed.

Update from Psychofighter:

Shard colours change in a set sequence; White->Red->Blue->Green->Aqua->Purple->Yellow->Orange->Pink, and back to White.

A lot more formulae will appear as we move the skill towards its final state. Every update thereafter will also add more formulae.

Experience to level

<Current lvl> x <Current lvl> x 20 = <Next lvl>

Experience gain is equal to the TD of the totem you're shattering and is only given for a successful shatter. A failed shatter attempt gives no experience.

Task Difficulty

<raw totem td> + ( <imbues> x 10 ) = <shatter td>

Where <raw totem td> is taken from the table below and <imbues> is the total imbues on the totem (including the base imbues and any evil imbues). It's worth noting that wood is a minor exception - it has a TD of 1, presumably to allow it to be skilled, but when "charged" the totem element of the TD becomes 0.

Totem TD Values

This table lists the various totems, the number of dusts they can convert at once (charges), their TD when unimbued (raw) and when made with the maximum number of charges.

TotemCharges*TD (Raw)TD @ Max
 * Assumes a 4 imbue combo was used to start the totem, this is how many evil imbues you can use before it shatters. 

(See Totem Info for totem purchase locations)

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